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U Pipe Solar Collector

U Pipe Solar Collector


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U Pipe Solar Collector

The U type solar collector are always connected with existing heating supply device. The selective coating of the evacuated tube converts solar energy into heat energy and transfers heat to l U tube by the aluminum fin.The liquid (usually glycol-water antifreeze mixture) in the l U tube is heater and conducts the heat energy to the water inside the storage tank through plate exchanger or internal spiral coiler.
Technical Parameters:
Manifold(interior): red copperManifold(exterior): aluminum alloyU Pipe: diameter 8mm thickness/ 0.6mm /red copperAluminium fin: 1600 mm full lengthHeat insulation : Eco-friendly rockwool 50mmVacuum tube: 58*1800mm SS-CU-AIN/ALN coatingBracket: Aluminum alloy 1800mm 0-50 degreeHail resistance: 25mmMax pressure: 6 barAnti-freezing: > -35 ℃  Daily efficiency: ≥55%


Quality 200
Package 30
Price 2180
Scale 100
Serial U Pipe Solar Collector
Produce 2022
Brand DIYI

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