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Bayer Materialscience Conducts Realistic Abrasion Test in an Automatic Car Wash
"Pure polysiloxane wetcoats are significantly more abrasion resistant than wetcoats with a plasma topcoat. There is no visible hazing even after 100 wash cycles. We were also able to verify the successful abrasion resistance of the pure wetcoat coatings on used series-produced polycarbonate glazing" said Peter Capellen a coatings expert in the Automotive Glazing team at Bayer MaterialScience.For the car wash test polycarbonate test sheets with various coatings were attached to the roof of a car. Once a week over a period of more than three years the vehicle went through the car wash of a gas station and was otherwise in normal use at the ChemPark in Leverkusen Germany. The unit's brushes had x-shaped spliced polyethylene bristles. The vehicle was washed with water without the addition of wax. After 10 wash cycles the test sheets on the roof were moved in order to obtain position-independent results.

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