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jubo car wash

Touchless Car Wash System Self-Serve In-Bay Car Wash Wash Tunnel Truck Wash Garbage Truck Wash Train Wash Manufacturer JUBO®

jubo car wash machine

Self Serve Touchless Carwash Wash GantryWash TunnelWash Bus truck wash system buy online

Solar water heater Balcony Haining System

Balcony Haining System   Characteristics: It is harmoniously with the architecture.The collector can be put on the balconywindoswall etc.Suitable for families who can’t put the collector on the roof. Saving place and simple to install Stable and reliable performance...

zhejiang - Diyi Solar- (2022-04-26)

U Pipe Solar Collector

Characteristics: The U type solar collector are always connected with existing heating supply device. The selective coating of the evacuated tube converts solar energy into heat energy and transfers heat to l U tube by the aluminum fin.The liquid (usually glycol-water antifreeze mixture) in the...

zhejiang - Diyi Solar- (2022-04-26)

Solar Split Pressurized System

Characteristics: The split solar water heater is composed by heat collectorstorage tankcontrollerworking station and installation parts Collector is separated from storage tankso the tank can be put in any place of house.And the collector can be put on the inclined or flat roof Module...

zhejiang - Diyi Solar- (2022-04-26)

Project Solution Solar collector

Project Solution Solar collector   Characteristics: Applicable to solar hot water supply for hotelschool etc./swimming pool heating Operates automatically intelligent controlling any type of back up heating can be combined By collecting solar energythe collectors could offering...

zhejiang - Diyi Solar- (2022-04-26)

Non-pressure without assistance tank

Non-pressure without assistance tank   Characteristics: This type uses all-glasses evacuated tubes as the solar collector for absorbing and transferring the sun energy into heat energy.The high absorption and low emittance rate of DIYI’ vacuum tube coating is unique.Depending...

zhejiang - Diyi Solar- (2022-04-26)

Non-pressure with assistance tank

Characteristics: This model is one of the most favorite on the international market.It was scientifically and specially designedis easy to install and operate.The important point is it can feed water automatically and ensure the outlet water as stable temperatureit will always provide you hot...

zhejiang - Diyi Solar- (2022-04-26)

Proofing quick send sample OEM Sheet Metal parts with laser cutting service

Proofing Quick Send Sample Oem Sheet Metal Parts With Laser Cutting Service - Buy Sheet Meta Parts,Sheet Metal Fabrication,Stamping Parts Product

FFC 4Pin 2.0mm Pitch Ribbon Flat cable Socket ZIF HDD XAJA

Ffc 4pin 2.0mm Pitch Ribbon Flat Cable Socket Zif Hdd Xaja - Buy Ffc 4pin,Ffc 4pin 2.0mm Pitch,Ffc Product

zhejiang - Shenzhen Xi Ang Ju An Eletronic Ltd.- (2024-02-25)

SMC Composite EN124 D400 600mm Sealing Manhole Cover/Rubber Gasket Manhole Cover

Smc Composite En124 D400 600mm Sealing Manhole Cover/rubber Gasket Manhole Cover - Buy Sealing Manhole Cover,Rubber Gasket Manhole Cover,Smc Composite Cover Product

Silicone zebra strip,zebra connector ,conductive rubber connector

Silicone Zebra Strip,Zebra Connector,Conductive Rubber Connector - Buy Lcd Silicone Rubber Connector,Led Strip Connector,Rubber Electrical Connector Product

Smart Personal Balance Weighing Scales 180kg Household Digital Bathroom Scale

Smart Personal Balance Weighing Scales 180kg Household Digital Bathroom Scale - Buy Digital Bathroom Scale,Precision Balance Body Fat Smart Digital Weight Scale With App,Bmi Digital Smart Scale Product

zhejiang - Zhongshan Kangnuo Electronics Co., Ltd.- (2024-02-25)

2020 Best solar energy products slant roof mounted solar home system eco-friendly 300l solar water heater for home using

2020 Best Solar Energy Products Slant Roof Mounted Solar Home System Eco-friendly 300l Solar Water Heater For Home Using - Buy Solar Water Heater,Solar Home System,300l Solar Heater Product

Flat roof or sloping roof flat panel solar water heater for family

Flat Roof Or Sloping Roof Flat Panel Solar Water Heater For Family - Buy Flat Panel Solar Water Heater,Solar Water Heater,Hot Water Heater Product

zhejiang - Dezhou BTE Solar Co., Ltd.- (2024-02-25)

Jinyi Best Price JNG-30 Room Heater Roof Mounted Stainless Steel Non-pressurized Solar Water Heater For Hotel

Jinyi Best Price Jng-30 Room Heater Roof Mounted Stainless Steel Non-pressurized Solar Water Heater For Hotel - Buy Room Solar Water Heater,Solar Water Heater Price,Non-pressurized Solar Water Heater For Hotel Product

Roof Top Solar Water Heater

Roof Top Solar Water Heater - Buy Solar Water Heater,Roof Top Solar Water Heater,Solahart Solar Water Heater Product

zhejiang - Jiangsu Gmo Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.- (2024-02-25)

oem pressurized stainless steel tank roof water balcony vacuum sun collector solar panel heating system

Oem Pressurized Stainless Steel Tank Roof Water Balcony Vacuum Sun Collector Solar Panel Heating System - Buy Solar Collector,Flat Plate Solar Collector,Solar Heating Panels Water Heater Parts Flat Plate Solar Collector Product

zhejiang - Sunsky Solar Energy Co., Ltd.- (2024-02-25)

150L High non Pressure Pitched Roof Solar Water Heater with vacuum tubes

150l High Non Pressure Pitched Roof Solar Water Heater With Vacuum Tubes - Buy Solar Water Heater 150l,Roof Solar Water Heater,High Roof Solar Water Heater Product

rooftop low pressure stainless steel solar water heaters

Rooftop Low Pressure Stainless Steel Solar Water Heaters - Buy Low Pressure Solar Water Heaters,Roof Top Solar Water Heaters,Roof Top Stainless Steel Low Pressure Solar Water Heater Product

zhejiang - Jiangsu Audary New Energy Co., Ltd.- (2024-02-25)

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